When is Refinancing Worth it?

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The rule of thumb that your interest rate must be a full percent lower than your current interest rate in order for it to be beneficial to refinance no longer applies because we at Avalon Mortgage Services, Inc. offer "no closing cost" loans! Therefore, the savings begin immediately!

Advantages of Refinancing

Avalon Mortgage Services, Inc. can analyze your present mortgage and possible lower your monthly payment and/or shorten your term
providing you with the ability to build equity faster! We offer 30, 25, 20, 15 and 10 year fixed rate mortgages. We also offer jumbo loans. Don't miss out on this opportunity to refinance your mortgage before interest rates go up!  A "cash out" refinance may also be an option provided you have equity in your home. This will enable you to have extra cash for home improvements, college tuition, consolidate debt, or for a family vacation!

Fees and Expenses

The first step is to get pre-approved and the only cost associated with this initial step is a credit report fee. Once your are pre-approved, the next step is a formal loan application. During this process, an appraisal fee will be charged and if the property is a condo or townhome, a condo certification is needed. In some cases, based on certain criteria, we may be able to refinance your current mortgage without an appraisal!!  Avalon Mortgage Services, Inc. is a lender paid broker, so the wholesale lender pays our compensation, not the borrower! The closing costs, which typically include an underwriting fee, title charges and recording fees may be reduced or completely eliminated with the lender credits that we can offer you depending on the interest rate you choose.  Avalon Mortgage Services, Inc. does not charge an escrow waiver fee at 80% loan to value, so if you choose to pay your real estate taxes and homeowner's insurance on you own, you can do so without incurring escrow waiver fees.

Do the Math

Avalon Mortgage Services, Inc. will provide you with several options such as various interest rates and terms so that you can choose what you are most comfortable with. For example, if you plan on staying in your home for quite a few years, you may decide to choose a lower interest rate and pay some points as the sum of the monthly savings may exceed the cost of such an option.

Avalon Mortgage Services, Inc. can help you explore your options.  Call us at (708) 403-5181 or email us at avalonmortgage@sbcglobal.net to get started!
Thinking about refinancing? Give us a call: (708) 403-5181 or email us at avalonmortgage@sbcglobal.net.

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